How to find your guy

how to get your guy

How is it that women go about finding that special man, or a special man? How do you find a guy that won’t toss you to the curb when he’s done, because everyone whose been in a relationship knows that feeling.

Most people will tell you what to wear or how to make your hair look more sexy, but that’s not what this article is about. It is a bit of the old, “be yourself”, but in a new light. The problem with dating these days is the idea that everyone has to be perfect. Girls, your hair can be a little frizzy when it rains… it’s okay, I promise. If a guy dumps you because of your hair, he would have thrown you to the curb later anyway. So, how do you get a guy attracted to you? Be yourself… haha! See what I did there?

Seriously though, be who you are and stay true to yourself. Find a hobby, then find a guy doing that same hobby. Chances are you’ll have something to talk about beyond how great you both look. If you find someone while doing something you enjoy, you will project confidence because you are doing something you like! As odd as it seems, guys like confident women as much as women like confident men. I can’t tell you how many dates I’ve been on that I’ve met while rock climbing, or painting, or listening to a concert. You don’t even need an icebreaker, just talk about what you are both currently doing! Magic!

So, what if you don’t have hobbies? Well, there’s that confidence thing I mentioned. How many times have you seen someone that interested you for any reason and not said a word? We live in a time where girls asking guys out is the norm, or close to it. Chivalry isn’t dead, but it sure isn’t as prevalent. So, ladies, do something about it. If you are studying in a coffee shop or sitting on a bus, ask a guy out. Tell him he’s cute. When have you ever been offended for being called cute? I never have. If he’s not interested, what did you lose? If a guy says no, or just isn’t interested, he’s not going to remember what happened the next day. If he is interested, BOOM! Instant connection! On the cute note, it probably works better if you compliment something specific. Think of what he did or wore to catch your eye and compliment that. It will be more personal and heartfelt.

And remember, complimenting a scarf will always get a more gentlemanly reply than complimenting a body part.
Maybe you’re looking for a secret to success, the news is, there isn’t one. I’m not saying to throw yourself at men, that’s too far. Look for them in your daily routine, and focus on the guys that share interests. It makes the whole process so much simpler. If you don’t have hobbies, find some. If you are striking out and you are already pretty social, try something new! Not many guys frequent wine and paint classes or hot yoga. Who knows, you may find something (and someone) you love while exploring!